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The technical specifications of DC53 die steel are contained in Japanese Industrial Standard JIS G4404
source:中国新闻网|release time:2020-05-19

DC53 mold steel The DC53 mold steel imported from the origin is a high-performance cold-work mold steel. It was the predecessor of the Datong steel number PD613. The Datong steel plant carried out a series of improvements on the basis of the DC53 material and upgraded the various properties of the material. It is transformed into high-hardness, high-mirror plastic mold steel (with a polishing performance of about #10000), and the brand in the factory is PD613. DC53 is a high-performance cold-work die steel with the latest improvement and upgrade of Japan's existing JIS standard SKD11 die steel by Datong Steel Works, and its technical specifications are contained in Japanese Industrial JIS Standard G4404. It overcomes the weakness of SKD11 high temperature tempering hardness and insufficient toughness, and will completely replace SKD11 in the field of general and precision molds.


The heat treatment hardness of DC53 mold steel is higher than that of SKD11, the high temperature is 520-530℃, and the high hardness can reach 62-63HRC after tempering. In terms of strength and wear resistance, Datong DC53 exceeds SKD11 mold steel. The toughness is twice that of SKD11 die steel. The toughness of DC53 is more prominent in cold work die steel. Tools made with DC53 rarely crack and crack, greatly increasing the service life.


Domestic DC53 is produced by many manufacturers. The industry is more recognized as an alternative material produced by Fushun Special Steel. The early grade is FS353, and some wholesalers are called Cr8W2VSi. Most domestic material suppliers use Cr12Mo1V1 to replace imported DC53. This behavior It is very irresponsible, because using the best Cr12Mo1V1 to replace imported SKD11 mold steel can not achieve the same performance, so replacing DC53 will become more impossible. A cold work die marked with imported materials, if it is made with domestic substitute materials, it will lead to a significant reduction in the service life of the die, and the products and workpieces produced by the die will not achieve perfect results and design die. Times.


The DC53 die steel imported from the country of origin DC53 has a low residual stress after wire cutting. The high temperature tempering reduces the residual stress, cracks and deformation after wire cutting are suppressed, and the machinability and abrasiveness exceed SKD11 die steel and DC53 die. The machinability and abrasiveness of steel is better than SKD11, so under the same conditions, the use of DC53 mold steel can increase the tool life and reduce the processing steps.