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Comparison and use of DC53 and SKD11
release time:2020-05-21

The use of DC53:

1. Chong die, cold forming die, cold drawing die

2. Forming roll and punch

3. Precision blanking and stamping dies for various applications

4. Plastic deformation tools for difficult materials


Performance comparison of DC53 and SKD11:

1. DC53 is improved on the basis of SKD11. After heat treatment, the hardness is higher than SKD11. After high temperature tempering, it can reach 62-63HRC high hardness, which exceeds SKD11 in strength. .

2. Toughness is twice that of SKD11. The toughness of DC53 is more prominent in cold work die steel, and the cracks and cracks rarely produced with DC53 greatly increase the service life.

3. The residual stress after wire cutting is reduced by high temperature tempering. Cracks and deformations of large molds and molds that require precision after online cutting are suppressed.

4. Machinability exceeds SDK11, DC53 is superior to SDK11. Therefore, the use of DC53 can increase the life of the mold and reduce the processing steps.