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1.2379 is a high carbon and high chromium steel with laistenite, high wear resistance and toughness
release time:2020-05-21

1.2379 is a high-carbon and high-chromium steel in the laisenite. It has high wear resistance and toughness, strong impact resistance, sharp edges maintain good performance and retain tempering, and can be nitrided after special treatment.

1.2379 is suitable for all kinds of cold punching dies with high wear resistance and long life, heavy blanking dies, cold extrusion, deep drawing dies, etc. Buderus 1.2379 is a 12% chromium alloy tool steel, which is characterized by high wear resistance, high compressive strength, good dimensional stability, good processing performance and good toughness, excellent tempering softening resistance. The main purpose of 1.2379 is high performance The high-strength parts of the cutting tool precision hardware mold.

1.2379 mold steel characteristics:

1. High wear resistance

2. High compressive strength

3. Good dimensional stability

4. Good processing performance and

5. Good toughness

6. Excellent resistance to temper softening